Biltmore preservation specialist examines historic Doughboy Statue

Conservation specialist Kara Warren of the Biltmore Estate examines the historic Doughboy statue in Columbus.

Polk County’s treasured Doughboy Statue recently underwent an evaluation process by a local expert to determine its status and possible future preservation needs.

Kara Warren, Preventive Conservation Specialist for the Biltmore Estate, recently came to Columbus to examine the historic statue, located at the entrance of Courthouse Street. The statue was erected in 1925 to commemorate veterans and was paid for by area students and patriotic citizens.

The Polk County Board of Commissioners tasked the Polk County Appearance Commission to research the options of protection, maintenance or preservation of the Doughboy Statue and determine the cost associated with each option.

Warren examined the status at the request of the Appearance Commission. She will compile her findings and present those to the Appearance Commission, which will in turn offer a recommended course of action to the Board of Commissioners.