N.C. Dept. of Transportation seeks citizen input for NC Moves 2050 statewide transportation plan

The N.C. Department of Transportation wants the public to help influence the future of transportation in North Carolina.

Through April 30, residents can leave comments on an interactive map about the future transportation challenges across North Carolina and what the future focus of transportation in their regions should be.

Examples include comments pertaining to:

  • Safety,
  • Better connections to key destinations,
  • Better connections to jobs,
  • Better transit, and
  • Better bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

NCDOT will use the feedback to help shape the vision and goals for NC Moves 2050, its next long-range transportation plan. NC Moves 2050 is NCDOT’s 30-year transportation blueprint focused on creating a more responsive, diverse and inclusive transportation system to keep people and freight moving safely and efficiently across the state.

Public input opportunities include the interactive comment map where residents can click on particular counties and read others’ comments and leave comments of their own through April 30.