NCDOT issues update regarding Highway 108 plans

In light of concerns expressed by Polk County Local Government and local residents over planned improvements to Highway 108, North Carolina Department of Transportation representative Brian Burch has stated that:

· In the coming weeks, the NCDOT project team will review all of the public comments that we have received and develop responses to those comments.

· We will meet with local officials from Town of Tryon, Town of Columbus and Polk County to review the comments and determine next steps.

· If it is determined that improvements can be made to NC 108 that would be supported by the local governments and the public, we will move forward with changing the design.

· Until we have these discussions, I can’t give you a timetable on when we would present a new plan to the commissioners.

· Regardless of the outcome of this project, I assure you that the NCDOT will continue to work in a manner of goodwill with Polk County on any and all transportation issues.

· We fully understand that Polk County is opposed to the plan that was presented at the April workshop.

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