Polk County 2018 primary election results

Tom Arthur photo

Unofficial results from the 2018 primary election held May 8 and as reported by Polk County Board of Elections.

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7
Ballots cast: 3,006 of 15,826 (18.99%)

US House of Representatives District 10 – GOPVotesPct.
Jeff Gregory1339.45%
Patrick McHenry93266.24%
Ira Roberts684.83%
Albert Lee Wiley Jr.100.71%
Seth Blankenship745.26%
Gina Collias19013.50%
NC State Senate District – Dem.VotesPct.
Christopher H. Rumfelt987.30%
Cheryl D. Swofford52439.05%
David Wheeler72053.65%
District Attorney District 42 – GOPVotesPct.
Mary Ann J. Hollocker41930.06%
Greg Newman97569.94%
Polk County Sheriff – DemVotesPct.
Ronnie Smith34123.07%
BJ Bayne113776.93%
Polk County Sheriff – GOPVotesPct.
Tim Wright74751.34%
M. Darryl Bailey70848.66%