Commissioners approve replacement of Polk County EMS and Emergency Services ambulance

To better serve the emergency needs of Polk County residents and visitors, the Polk County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved at its May 21 meeting the purchase of a new ambulance for Polk County EMS and Emergency Services.

The new ambulance, which then was purchased to replace an outdated ambulance with excessive miles, includes new amenities that will help with medical emergencies such as a cooling drawer for fluids and medications that need to be in a cooler environment, updated radios, and brighter, more energy efficient LED lighting, Polk County EMS Director Michael Crater said.

The funds for the ambulance were in the recommended budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. By approving the purchase in the current budget, Polk County is saving more than $20,000. The savings came from the fact that Polk County was able to purchase a low-mileage display model of an ambulance which is not readily available.

Polk County EMS and Emergency Services has the primary responsibility to deliver emergency pre-hospital advanced life support and transportation to the citizens of and visitors to Polk County.