NCDOT to close some area road crossings for WEG event on Sept. 12

A number of Polk County roads will be periodically closed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation on Wednesday, Sept. 12 during the endurance competition at the World Equestrian Games.

The 100-mile event will begin at 7 a.m. on the 12th, with competitors riding a trail that encompasses a number of private properties throughout the area. Riders will need, at times, to cross public roadways, necessitating the temporary closures by the NCDOT.

Road closures will occur only on the 12th beginning at 6 a.m. and last until 8 p.m. Drivers in the area should expect delays throughout the day on the roads involved in the crossings. Roads will be closed as competitors need to use the crossing.

Riders in the event will begin and end their 100-mile competition at the Tryon International Equestrian Center in Mill Spring.

Polk County Local Government is offering a text messaging system for alerts throughout the Games. Those interested can sign up for those text message alerts by texting WEG2018 to 888777. The alerts will be available during the entire Games, which run Sept. 11-23.

Download map of crossings involved in Sept. 12 event

List of crossing points / road closures

(List subject to change)

South Trail (NC)LongitudeLatitudeDescription
Sandy Plains Road-1 82° 3’43.39″W 35°15’45.82″NCrossing Road to use enterance of Over Mtn. View.
Floyd Blackwell Road 82° 3’11.07″W 35°14’55.69″NShoulder of Floyd Blackwell Road to South Greenway
South Greenway82° 4’12.36″W 35°14’27.26″NCrossing Road to Pine Meadows Drive
Pine Meadows Ln 82° 4’30.16″W 35°14’27.68″N0.27 miles down Lane
NC Hwy 9-1 82° 4’9.06″W 35°13’48.05″NCrossing Road
John Weaver Road 82° 4’4.02″W 35°13’31.00″NCrossing Road and use South shoulder to Edwards Road (0.95 miles)
Edwards Road82° 4’50.26″W 35°12’59.61″NCross Road
Collinsville Road-1 82° 5’8.13″W 35°12’51.15″NNext Crossing approx. 0.40 miles south on Collinsville
Collinsville Road-2 82° 5’27.84″W 35°12’37.41″NCross Road
Phillips Road 82° 5’13.79″W35°12’2.63″NCross Road on shoulder of S. Phillips
S. Phillips Road 82° 5’24.23″W 35°12’37.41″NUse south shoulder of S. Phillips approx. 1.27 miles
Jackson Grove Road82° 6’29.46″W35°11’34.25″NCross Road at NC/SC State line
Collinsville Rd./Hickory Grove Rd.82° 6’14.16″W35°12’36.34″NCross Road at intersection, stay east of Hickory Grove Rd.
Stirrup Downs Lane82° 5’32.18″W35°13’50.84″NEnter end of Stirrup Downs Lane, stay on gravel road 0.75 miles to NC Hwy 9 crossing.
Stirrup Downs Lane/NC Hwy 9 82° 4’54.88″W 35°14’7.50″NCross NC Hwy 9.
Sandy Plains Road-2 82° 4’6.01″W35°15’32.67″NCross Road
North Trail (NC)
Sandy Plains Road- 3 82° 2’21.93″W35°16’10.68″NCross Road into The Cliffs development
Coxe Road-1 82° 1’55.31″W 35°16’6.21″N
John Watson Road-1 82° 0’42.18″W 35°15’57.19″NCross Road to trail
John Watson Road-2 82° 0’12.74″W 35°15’38.43″NCross Road to trail
John Watson Road-3 82° 0’12.73″W 35°15’26.60″NCross Road to trail
Solen Williams Road 82° 0’48.62″W35°14’39.47″NCross Road to trail
Coxe Road-2 82° 1’56.17″W35°15’6.52″NCross Road
Phillips Dairy Road-182° 2’2.06″W 35°15’33.72″NIntersection, stay on shoulder of Phillips Dairy Road
Phillips Dairy Road-2 82° 2’17.00″W 35°15’24.41″N
Meadow Crest Road-1 82° 2’59.28″W 35°15’41.90″NTurns on Meadow Crest Road at intersection, follows shoulder 0.14 miles.
Meadow Crest Road-2 82° 2’53.80″W35°15’48.06″N
Sandy Plains Road-3 82° 3’13.92″W35°16’12.67″NCross Road to TIEC property
Silo Road (SC) 82° 5’25.86″W 35°11’24.01″NStay on Silo Road 0.05 miles