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A week to remember the meaning of the U.S. Constitution

We The People.

Three of the simpler words in the English language that when combined are immediately synonymous with one of the most important documents to our country.

On September 17, the document that established the government and fundamental laws celebrates the 234th anniversary of the drafting at the Constitutional Convention.

In an effort to urge the citizens of Polk County to study the Constitution and reflect on the privilege of being an American with all of the rights and responsibilities which that privilege involves, the Polk County Board of Commissioners recently proclaimed that September 17 through 23 is Constitution Week.

This week of observance for the foundation of the American form of government was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on August 2, 1956. George W. Bush officially declared the inception of Constitution Week in 2002 to encourage public study and education about the Constitution.

The Commissioners believe that it is fitting and proper to officially recognize this document and its memorable anniversary, as the Constitution is the guardian of our liberties and embodies the principles of limited government in a Republic dedicated to rule by law.


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