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We The People. Three of the simpler words in the English language that when combined are immediately synonymous with one of the most important documents...
There’s now a way to check and see if your address will be one of the 1,350 locations across Polk County where broadband service...
An upcoming family-friendly, community-wide fun event at Tryon’s Harmon Field will assist two local charities continue to assist families who experience food challenges.  The Carolina...
The Polk County Board of Commissioners has declared that September be recognized as Military Suicide Prevention Month as a way to bring attention to a growing national issue
Public libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore and the new logo for Polk County Public Libraries will showcase this fact. “Literacy will always...
Polk County will again participate in Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Recognition Day with the black and white flag that symbolizes these soldiers flown over the Polk County Courthouse on Friday, September 17

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