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GREAT grant applications now being reviewed

The review process for the hundreds of Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) grant applications, including Polk County’s application, has begun.

According to a newsletter from District 113 Representative Jake Johnson, who represents Polk County in the N.C. House of Representatives, the review process is being expedited.

Johnson recently presided over an Information Technology Appropriations meeting which featured presentations by the North Carolina Technology Association and The North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NCDIT).

Nate Denny, Deputy Secretary of NCDIT presented the ambitious plan that would have providers potentially being awarded the first stage of the grant funds as early as July.

“We are expediting the review process for the hundreds of GREAT grant applications to connect more North Carolinians to high-speed internet access so they can connect to critical online resources for education, work and healthcare,” Denny said. “Thanks to the continued support from the N.C. General Assembly, we have also engaged state agencies and local governments through the Joint Cybersecurity Task Force to better protect their data and the data of all N.C. constituents.”

“During the budgeting process, it was a very clear goal for myself and my colleagues to make sure we provide internet to those in the state who are unserved or underserved,” Johnson said in his newsletter. “Whether we are talking about education, healthcare, increasing housing options, etc.… we know that reliable access to internet will be a key factor of success. During a time where our government seems to be at a standstill on so many issues, it is encouraging to see tangible results transcend rhetoric, and so many folks in our state will benefit from it.”

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