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LUCAS Chest Compression Systems already helping save lives

Last year, the Polk County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of 10 LUCAS Chest Compression Systems and the units have already helped save lives in the county.

On Monday, March 6, EMS Director Michael Crater gave a short presentation on the devices during the Commissioners’ called meeting.

Crater said that the units were “money and time well spent” and the units have been used between 12 and 14 times since October. He said that the units are used once every other week, on average.

The LUCAS Chest Compression Systems devices provide quality, uninterrupted CPR for an extended period to benefit the patient’s immediate care. Each fire department in the county and the rescue squad received one device, while Polk County EMS received three. Each department is responsible for its own maintenance and upkeep of the machines, which should last approximately 15 years.

The unit was demonstrated on a CPR manikin for all in attendance to watch.

“I talked to a lady in the Mill Spring fire department and she said she was so thankful that they had this unit because it saved them so much time,” Commissioner David Moore said. “She said because you have to do those compression really quick, it wears you out real quick. If anyone has ever done CPR, they know what I mean.”

“The importance of this device is that it does a multitude of things for us,” Crater said, adding that paramedics can perform more advanced procedures while the machine continues CPR. “We do appreciate everyone here for the continued support. We’re busy as always. As we get busier and busier, stuff like this really helps us tremendously and the citizens, as well.”


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