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New logo showcases Public Libraries’ many features

Public libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore and the new logo for Polk County Public Libraries will showcase this fact.

“Literacy will always be at the heart of our mission, but we’re so much more than books. Of course, we check out books, music, DVDs and audiobooks. We’re proud to have circulated over 129,000 of these items this year,” said Library Director Marcie Dowling. “Most residents don’t know we also checkout ecoExplorer backpacks from the N.C. Arboretum, early literacy tablets, cake pans, and board games, with a plan to add STEM learning kits to our circulating items.”

The old logo showed an open book with the outlines of trees on a green background.

The new logo, on the other hand, is much more open to interpretation.

Maybe the fern fronds because the library encourages personal growth.

Maybe they are question marks because Polk County Public Libraries are a reliable source of information.

Maybe the curved yellow and green lines are sparks or fireworks because the library is an exciting place to explore something new.

Or, maybe, the logo shows a hand-drawn design because the public spaces encourage creativity.

“I say there’s no wrong answer,” Dowling said.

Part of the Polk County Public Libraries’ five-year strategic plan was to focus on reaching all citizens of Polk County through increased marketing and outreach activities and before those efforts ramp up, library staff wanted a logo that embodies the vision for the library’s future.

In the past year more than 55,000 visitors have come to the Columbus and Saluda libraries and took advantage of the physical spaces to access the libraries’ collections, study rooms, meeting spaces, and unique learning opportunities, and more than 15,000 residents – of all ages – attended library programs.

Libraries have offered more than 7,400 computer lab session, more than 39,000 wireless internet sessions, and have circulated almost 26,000 digital ebooks and audiobooks that can be checked out 24/7 without visiting a library location.

“Clearly, the libraries offer more than the printed book shown on our old logo and these exciting ways we serve our Polk County communities reinforced our need for a new logo,” Dowling said.

This is a great month to learn more about Polk County Public Libraries as this is Library Card Sign-Up Month, which has been held since 1987. According to the American Library Association, this month is when the association and libraries “unite in a national effort to ensure every child signs-up for their own library card.”

For more information about Polk County Public Libraries, check out the website at https://polklibrary.org/.


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