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Virtual mini-conference set to discuss trauma

The North Carolina Trauma-Informed Communities Project will host a virtual mini-conference that will help define and discuss impact trauma and the group is inviting anyone interested to join the event.

This free mini-conference will take place on Zoom from 9-11 a.m. on Wednesday, October 27 and community members, advocates, and child and family service providers are encouraged to participate.

According to a press release, discussions during the mini-conference will focus on “societal/systemic influences regarding experiences of trauma (including disparities), the many forms of trauma, and the individual impact of trauma” and presenters will help “build a deeper awareness of the degree of impact for members of our communities who are most vulnerable to the effect of oppressive systems, practices, and policies.”

This mini-conference is for anyone “who wants to increase their trauma awareness and develop a conscious practice to show up for, engage, and partner with youth and family voices.”

The hope of this virtual mini-conference is for participants to:

·      Understand the cycle of socialization and how the identities we hold shape our lived experience and vulnerability to trauma exposure and impact

·      Define trauma, types of trauma, and explore varying meanings of terms we use as a community

·      Discuss the individual impact of trauma on physical, behavioral, emotional, and academic functioning

·      Describe a meaningful small act of change to put trauma awareness into action

The event will happen via Zoom and participants are asked to register by clicking to https://bit.ly/3AMDnUY.


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